Tim Cole

The Futures Agency

Tim Cole has worked as an Internet journalist for almost 25 years and became the first blogger in Germany way back in 1995. He has written numerous bestselling books, among them Success Factor Internet (published 1999), which was the first to describe the impact of digital technology and the Internet on companies and organizations. In “The Customer Cartel” (2004) he correctly predicted the power shift between customers and vendors in an age of total connectivity. In Digital Enlightenment Now! (2012), which is available in English at Amazon and other bookstores, he collaborated with the late Ossi Urchs to explore the cultural, social and philosophical ramifications of digital networking and the Internet. In Digital Transformation (2016), he warned against complacency in dealing with the effects of digitalization and urged entrepreneurs and managers to speed up transition to achieve the goal of becoming a truly digital enterprise. His latest book, Wild Wild Web – What the history of the Wild West teaches us about the future of the Digital Society, to be published in October, he calls for curbs on the power of giant corporations like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, known collectively as GAFA.


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